Welcome to Orior – a four-color world beset on all sides by great evils – a world where larger than life Detectives clash daily with Marvels of the past, present and future. A world where Superman lives in the sky while the X-Men fight below for a world that hates and fears them. Aged Strange still bears the title Sorcerer Supreme, though that ancient wizard seeks across the globe for a new apprentice, while the seemingly immortal Batman prowls the streets of Gotham City.

It is into this world, that Our Heroes are born. A world like our own, made marvelous by the existence of the godlike, tainted the hubris of power.

In a world already overfull with both Heroes and Villains, is it possible that one small team can make a difference? Is it possible to rise above it all and achieve greatness?

Or will you too, fall to the conceit of the mighty? Can you save a world from itself before the darkness folds around it and draws all things to their inevitable conclusion?

Orior is a Mutants & Masterminds Campaign set in a world where the heroes of both DC Comics & Marvel have been around for quite a while. It is a world of real time: Most heroes who appeared in the 1940’s and 50’s are no longer active. The world moves on. And in the wake of such brilliance as possessed by the likes of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Luthor, Terrific, Wayne, von Doom, and even the Brainiac Intelligence, the world has changed.

Not every technology utilized by the Heroes of Earth has fallen into the hands of every-man; but the world of Orior advanced at a much swifter pace than our own. To that end, Orior appears in many ways to reflect a heart of the cyberpunk. Massive corporations vie constantly for your attention, while the political heavy hitters sit in their ivory towers, surrounded by ultra-tech unseen anywhere else on the globe. Gargoyles walk the streets of mega-cities decked out in computer equipment so advanced it transcends even the dreams of the super-villains of yore. Yet it is all innocuous enough that they hardly look any different from you or I.

The world of Orior however, is a world of ramifications. On a planet where any man or woman might rise to the occasion and take up the mantle of “Hero,” there are consequences. And in the history of this great world, the result of brave heroics has often been death. Even Four Color Heroes die here. Somewhere out there, someone’s carrying a death-ray, or a psychic punch, or a trained monkey-tiger, or a bullet for you right now, and doesn’t even know it. The trick is to die of old age before it finds you.

*Artwork to come (this is like to be an image intensive wiki) – a lot of the database is unfinished… Building a massive history here – if you’ve found your way in, I hope you come back. Great plans are laid down.